Ayanna Chambers embodies a spirit that is full of joy, passion, pain, wisdom, and strength. Born in Jamaica WI, raised in New York, and now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Ms. Chambers is an outstanding realtor but her true talent lies within her Master Cosmetology skills and her new cosmetic line ENVEE. Following the wise words of her great grandmother to, “Dream and Dream Big”, Ms. Chambers has done just that after rising from a challenging yet motivating past.

The year 2009 was particularly challenging for Ms. Chambers. As a result of the general down-turn in the financial sector, she was nearly crippled financially. Whilst undertaking to recover from that financial blow, unknown to her, she was yet to face and deal with her father suffering a stroke and several family members dying consecutively. Ms. Chambers was overcome by a deep depression which lingered for close to two years. She eventually drew on her strength as a single parent by bringing to bear that her past should never dictate her future. She envisioned that her son would have a role model to emulate and help mold him into achieving his full potential despite the odds. She was able to hone her pain into an unstoppable drive, hence the inception of “ENVEEbeauty”. Currently” ENVEE” is one of the most promising emergent cosmetic brands that will be hitting the shelves soon. Ms. Chambers is surrounded by individuals possessing a wealth of knowledge of the semantics and dynamics within the cosmetology industry. In
particular, her mother who has been a stylist forover 30 years and encouraged Ms. Chambers to return to school to obtain her Master Cosmetology License in 2011 .Ms. Chambers has been privileged to sit at her feet for wisdom and guidance. Thanks to her mom, sister and grandmother who are all entrepreneurs, she learnt never to give up and that having aspirations towards high achievement is priceless. In demonstration of this drive to achieve, she opened the doors of her first Salon at the age of 20 and purchased her first home at age 21. Today, Ms. Chambers in on the rise to the top and will be embarking on a journey that will take her into a whole new world with her incredible product, “ENVEEbeauty” “ENVEE”.

Thank you, Ayanna Chambers

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